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November 24, 2012


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~Play me your favourite hue_2~

Journal Entry: Sat Nov 24, 2012, 4:27 AM

:heart: My mp3 is constantly on random, so I decided to use the first 10 songs that played as a basis for selecting which artworks to feature :heart:

:sun: Not only do I get to share a variety of wonderful works under 100 :+fav:'s, but I am also sharing with you a selection of the type of music I like to listen to :sun:

:star:I hope you enjoy this random idea!:star:

1. Pack Up - Eliza Doolittle

"You gotta
Pack up your troubles in your old kit bag
And bury them beneath the sea
I don't care what the people may say
What the people may say about me"

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

2. Wide Open Spaces - Dixie Chicks

"She needs wide open spaces
Room to make her big mistakes
She needs new faces
She knows the high stakes "

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

3. Running Up That Hill - Kate Bush

"Is there so much hate for the ones we love?
Tell me, we both matter, don't we?
You, it's you and me.
Its you and me wont be unhappy. "

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

4. Pass In Time - Beth Orton

"So much stays unknown till the time has come.
Did you imagine you could ever be so strong,
Then watch your fear just turn into relief?
Your sea of doubt become your own belief?
Though tears don't come to cry some grief away,
The tears will help to keep your need at bay."

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

5. Love Thy Will Be Done - Martika

"And I see all of your creations as one
Perfect complex
No one less beautiful or more special than the next
We are all blessed and so wise to accept
Thy will love be done"

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

6. L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N. - Noah And The Whale

"Some people wear their history,
Like a map on their face,
And Joey was an artist,
Just living out of case."

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

7. One April Day - Stephin Merritt

"One April day, we'll go miles away
and I'll turn to you and I'll say:
'I've always loved you, in my way
I'll always love you, in my way.' "

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

8. Eet - Regina Spektor

"It's like forgetting the words to your favorite song
You can't believe it
You were always singing along
It was so easy and the words so sweet
You can't remember
You try to feel the beat"

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

9. The Beast - Angus & Julia Stone

"Kids trading roses for guns
Track marks under the sleeve
I can't talk I need to run
Loves thrown away the ring
Not knowing what to say
Mama won't you sing
It's like you're cut by the blade"

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

10. The Blower's Daughter - Damien Rice

"And so it is
Just like you said it should be
We'll both forget the breeze
Most of the time
And so it is
The colder water
The blower's daughter
The pupil in denial"

:sun: Just a note
In order to help my fellow deviants I try very hard to feature works that have been favourited less than 100 times. This takes times to sort through my folders, but I :heart: being able to share these lesser-known, yet completely worthy, artworks with my friends!

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